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Juliets Monologues From Shakespeares Tragedy

Juliets Monologues From Shakespeares Tragedy Who is the protagonist of Romeo and Juliet? Do both titular characters share that role  equally? Typically, stories and plays focus on one protagonist and the rest are supporting characters (with an antagonist or two thrown in for good measure). Some might argue that Romeo is the main character because he gets a bit more stage time, not to mention a couple of sword fights! However, Juliet experiences a great deal of family pressure as well as an ongoing inner conflict. If we label the protagonist as the character that experiences the deepest level of conflict, then maybe the story is really about this young girl who is swept up by her emotions, caught up in what will become the most tragic love story in the English language. Here are some key moments in the life of Juliet Capulet. Each monologue reveals the growth of her character. The Balcony Scene In her most famous speech and her first monologue, Juliet wonders why the newfound love (or lust) of her life is cursed with the last name Montague, the long-standing enemy of her family. The monologue beings with the now famous line: O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? She then continues to say: Deny thy father and refuse thy name This reveals how their families have an antagonist history, thus their love would be frowned upon and difficult to pursue. However, Juliet justifies to herself why she should continue to love Romeo despite their family history, essentially saying that a name is superficial and does not necessarily make up a man. Tis but thy name that is my enemy;Thou art thyself, though not a Montague....Whats in a name? that which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet. Declarations of Love In the balcony scene, Juliet is talking to herself, not realizing that Romeo is hidden in the garden, listening to her every word. After she discovers that he has been there all along, they two star-crossed lovers profess their affections. Here are some lines from the monologue  and a translation into simple English. Thou knowst the mask of night is on my face,Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek Juliet is blushing from thinking about Romeo and is happy that it is night time so that no one can see how red her face is and how excited she is.   Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say Ay,And I will take thy word: yet if thou swearst,Thou mayst prove false; at lovers perjuriesThen say, Jove laughs. As any person giddily in love can relate to, you always are wondering if that person loves you back. Juliet is anxious about whether or not Romeo likes her, and even if he says he loves her, does he mean it or is he being a flirt? Juliets Choice In her last lengthy monologue, Juliet takes a big risk by deciding to trust in the friars plan to fake her own death and wake within the tomb to find Romeo waiting for her. Here, she contemplates the potential danger of her decision, unleashing a combination of fear and determination. The following are some lines with a quick breakdown. Come, vial.What if this mixture do not work at all?Shall I be married then to-morrow morning?No, no: this shall forbid it: lie thou there.(Laying down her dagger.) These lines reveal that Juliet has a plan b in case the potion doesnt work and she is forced to marry someone else her family has chosen for her. Her backup plan is to kill herself with her dagger. What if it be a poison, which the friarSubtly hath ministerd to have me dead,Lest in this marriage he should be dishonourd,Because he married me before to Romeo?I fear it is: and yet, methinks, it should not,For he hath still been tried a holy man. Now, Juliet is second-guessing whether or not the friar is being honest with her, is the potion a sleeping potion or a lethal one? Since the friar married the couple in secret, Juliet is nervous that the friar is now trying to cover up what he did by killing her in case he gets in trouble with either the Capulets or Montagues. In the end, Juliet calms herself by saying the friar is a holy man and wouldnt trick her. How if, when I am laid into the tomb,I wake before the time that RomeoCome to redeem me? theres a fearful point!Shall I not, then, be stifled in the vault,To whose foul mouth no healthsome air breathes in,And there die strangled ere my Romeo comes? Thinking of other worst-case scenarios, Juliet wonders what would happen if the sleeping potion wore off before Romeo could remove her from the tomb and she suffocated to death.   But in the end, Juliet rashly decides to take the potion as she exclaims: Romeo, I come! this do I drink to thee.

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Communication to mitigate disasters Research Paper

Communication to mitigate disasters - Research Paper Example gger than 1.5 x 2 kilometres because we are unable to adequately control the focus of the map from On the other hand, the vertical distance from 4788 Brentwood Drive is smaller than 1.5 kilometres whether northward or southward. The relatively short vertical distance attempts to offset the relatively bigger horizontal coverage of the map. On checking, however, the area covered by Figure 1 is about 6.9 square kilometres versus the 7.07 square kilometres implied by a 1.5-kilometres radius from 4788 Brentwood Drive. Based on the formula pi x radius-squared for area, a 1.5 kilometres radius implies 7.07 square kilometres. The website, which is controlled and managed by the Burnaby City government, is developing a menu for estimating the population of a sector of Burnaby. However, the author conducted several hours and days of attempts to estimate the population of the area covered by Figure 1 using the menu and failed. Possibly, the website is not yet ready to execute the population estimation function at the time of author’s attempt to access the website although the website was updated last 17 September 2010. However, if we use the latest edition of the Burnaby Quick Facts that was produced in 2008, the material documented that one square kilometre of Burnaby has a population density of 2,275.6 individuals as of 2006. Thus, it appears reasonable to estimate that the area covered by Figure 1 has a population of roughly 15,702 persons as of 2006. Of course, we can project the population up to 2010 based on the population growth figures but there is no need for us to do that. In a 2004 report, the United Nations Development Programme defined risk as â€Å"the probability of harmful consequences or expected loss of lives, people injured, property, livelihoods, economic activity disrupted (or environment damaged) resulting from interactions between natural or

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Letter Concerning Toleration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Letter Concerning Toleration - Essay Example According to John Locke in his Letter Concerning Tolerance, the state and the church are perfectly distinct and infinitely different entities (Locke 24). In his opinion, the magistrate has no role in matters of religion. The main functions of the state are to protect life, people’s liberty, and their properties. Every entity in the society is limited to its functions and protection of souls is not one of the states functions but rather the function of the church. Therefore, by creating laws to criminalize the use the hallucinogenic mushroom, the stipulations describing how the drug is not fit for consumption and what makes it criminal should apply to all individual citizens of the state in the bid to uphold democracy and protection of peoples lives and liberty. Allowing some religions to use the drug while restricting others is a true description of what Locke refers to as intolerance. It is a definite case of a state showing coercion of citizens to convert to certain religion s. This is because conversion to the exempted religion would allow those people with the urge to use the drug a right to the drug. The American flag and patriotism Reciting the pledge of allegiance while facing the American flag as a show of patriotism is not wrong even in Locke’s point of view. This is because Locke is precise and categorical about the extend to which the state can make wrong moves in controlling religious practices and the main factor of consideration is the essence of everything that the state implements as a rule for every citizen. The only wrong move that the state could take in such a case is to connect the reciting of the pledge of allegiance while facing the American flag to matters of religion. In this case, the state has not made connections of religious beliefs to the aspect of reciting the pledge of allegiance while facing the American flag. In addition to this, the state makes itself clean in this case by ensuring that this aspect is practiced by all citizens of America regardless of their religious affiliations as a show of patriotism to the state. It is for the parents to these children to differentiate matters of religion from undertaking universal activities that are meant to show patriotism to the state. The state never intended to connect the action of reciting the pledge of allegiance while facing the American flag with matters of the soul. Nonetheless, subscribing as a citizen of a certain state or nation means that one has made the choice of being patriotic to the particular state. The Christian minister The case of the Christian minister presents a very controversial aspect in consideration of Locke’s views in the letter concerning tolerance. The controversy is presented in the fact that both the state and the Christian minister would agree and disagree with Locke’s ideas at some point. In Locke’s view, there should be religious tolerance among churches as a factor that would foster peace in t he society. The minister was not wrong to criticize another religious sect in the congregation of his religious sect in order to persuade his people to choose his religion but he had no right to threaten to burn the Koran as it would be fostering a totalitarian ideology that Locke is against. He is correct in Locke’

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The dramatic events and language of Romeo and Juliet Essay Example for Free

The dramatic events and language of Romeo and Juliet Essay Love and hate both occur many times during the course of the play, love and hate could be addressed as the two main focuses from the play. The play, Romeo and Juliet, is a tragedy but it still could be said that love triumphs over hate by the end of the play. The final scene of the play ends with Romeo killing himself when he finds out Juliet is dead and Juliet waking from sleep and finding Romeo dead. The two families, Montagues and Capulets, then put an end to their long reigning feud. This is when it could be said that love conquers hate, however this could also be viewed as a hollow victory, this describes that although the feud has been put to an end many lives have been lost in the process, including: Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Tybalt and Paris. When Juliet and Paris are found dead that is when the first signs of caring between the two feuding families start to emerge, unfortunately for the two families and the whole of Verona they realise that the feud was pointless after so many lives have been lost and even their own children having died. Between the Montagues and Capulets an ancient grudge exists, the prologue from the play tells us a summary of the events that happen within the play a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life, how long the play is is now the two hours traffic of our stage. The prologue also tells us things like where the play is set In fair Verona and how long the play will be Is now the two hours traffic of our stage. The prologue and act 1 scene 1 tells us who the feud is between, the two rival families the Capulets and the Montagues, however between the prologue and act 1 scene 1 the play still fails to tell us why the two families hate each other. In act one scene one the fight between the two Capulet servants and the Montague servants is started even by the two sides seeing each other, this demonstrates how seriously the feud is taken between the two families, not only do the masters of the Capulets and Montagues fight between each other but the feud even extends to the servants of each family. Although the fight is implied that it will start when the servants of the two families see each other it in fact begins when the servants from each family insult each other Nay, as they dare. I will bite my thumb at them, which is disgrace to them if they bear it. The main individual characters within the play act differently towards the feud and how it is dealt with. Tybalt is known as the prince of cats for his swordsmanship, Tybalts lust for fighting and victory over the Montagues fuels the feud a great deal. As it is seen when Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo then takes his revenge on Tybalt by killing him, this again fuels the feud. Tybalts attitude is more warlike than many other characters, he tries to start fights rather than attempting to stop them, which is more like Benvolio attempts to do. Capulet is another character who alongside Tybalt, can be seen as trying to keep the feud going until the Capulet family wins. He usually is not involved within the actual fights but tries to show his youthfulness by appearing like he would like to fight alongside the rest of his family members. He doesnt appear to actively encourage the fighting in the feud like Tybalt does, however he does seem to enjoy the fighting that occurs from the feud right up until the end of the play, after Romeo and Juliet die. Montagues character is more neutral, he wants the Montague family to win the feud however he doesnt encourage the fighting, he seems to want a peace more than a war between each family although he would like to see this peace at the hands of a Montague victory. Benvolio is seen within the play as a peacemaker, early on during the play Benvolio attempts to stop a fight between the two war waging families, although he successfully does this later on he appears to not be as successful. The Prince acts as the main peacemaker of the play Will they not hear? What ho, you men, you beasts! That quench the fire of your pernicious rage with purple fountains issuing from your veins. Later on during the play the Prince becomes more forceful at attempting to stop the feud; firstly he threatens to end the life of those who disobey his command to stop the feud whilst secondly he banishes Romeo from Verona to Mantua. The Princes attitude towards the feud can therefore be summarised by saying that he is wholeheartedly against the fighting that the feud produces and the feud itself, we can assume this from the punishments he threatens, the punishments he gives and the way in which he speaks about his negative view on the feud.

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The Down to Earth Challenges of Space Exploration :: Space Exploration Essays

The Down to Earth Challenges of Space Exploration Humans have dreamed of leaving the earth and traveling space for many years, and up to this day they have taken many steps in the right direction. Yet, with every new frontier they approach, new problems loom over the horizon. All problems involved with space exploration may not directly involve space itself. Many of those problems surface right here on Earth. Some of the easier issues have been resolved, such as escaping the forces of gravity to reach outer space. More of these problems are far more arduous and the solutions need more time to be worked out properly. In â€Å"The Coming Schism† by James E. and Alcestis R. Oberg, humans have already begun colonizing space, yet there are still new problems arising. Major problems such as financing, communication and culture conflicts are important in the journey to space, because they all have the potential to disrupt progress. When people think of troubles that are related to space, they tend to overlook one of the most obvious and most important problems, financing. Money may prevent humans from leaving the very earth we stand on in the first place. Money can easily be the solution to a problem or the cause of one. In the supporting film, Stationed in the Stars, it was mentioned that in 1992, NASA spent 8 billion dollars without building a single piece of material. The money was spent on other things such as payroll and international conferences. The film also brought up the fact that every pound of water needed would cost up to 10 thousand dollars; therefore, 100 lbs. of water would cost 1 million dollars. This problem was later solved with the help of Russia in the creation of the closed loop system. But Russia has not always been so helpful. While Russia was working with NASA to help build a service module, they purposely delayed their efforts in order to receive more money from NASA, until NASA had enough and gave them a deadline to comply with. There are times when financing may prevent a project from being ventured into completely without even spending the money. For example, further servicing of the International Space Station would have cost upwards of 100 billion dollars. That is why that project is still uncompleted.

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Do You Believe That the Greatest Leaders Are Born, Not Made

When you ask people why they followed their leader or what made their leader great, most would use words like charismatic, honest, trustworthy and confident. So this begs the question, are these all qualities that are born or learned? According to Webster’s dictionary, charisma is a â€Å"spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people. † So a charismatic leader can be defined as a certain quality of an individual personality, by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary men and treated as a person with supernatural or superhuman powers or qualities.So with that said, can that be learned over time or simply just polished? How can those qualities or characteristics be taught? We can take a charismatic person and polish or refine them to be better leaders but charisma, according to the definition cannot be taught. According to Dr. Joe Pace in â€Å"The Workplace: Interpersonal Strengths and Leadershipâ €  he describes three qualities to what makes a good leader. â€Å"A good leader used his or her authority to do three things: motivate, manage and make Decisions. (Pace-84) So by this definition one would assume that these characteristics can be learned. Through mentorship in the workplace one can be taught when to make the decision, how to manage personnel and how to motivate people. After all, the human resources division in the professional work environment spends countless hours and dollars training personnel on learning how to effectively motivate their personnel and manage them correctly. So in this example it would appear that leadership can be learned.I have been told by many that I command presence when I walk into a room. For years it would bother me that so many people found it necessary to touch me, to find a way to brush up against me or reach out and hold my arm as I was talking to them. I use to ask my wife all the time â€Å"why do so many people find it necess ary to touch me? † She tried to explain to me that people wanted to see if I was real and that I carried such a positive aura about me that commanded respect, attention and confidence and some people needed or wanted to be a part of that.I use to laugh it off and tell her she was crazy but this has been happening since I can remember. I remember being in middle school going to watch my brothers play high school football and when I would talk to my older brothers the girls would always put their hands on me to tussle my hair, grab me to hug me or even put an arm around me and I use to just find it odd but always just chalked it up to girls liking my brothers. As I got older I noticed the same things happening to me and sometimes to the point of feeling uncomfortable about the situation.So again I would ask my wife the same question and her reply became â€Å"just because you are older and heavier than you were twenty years ago, your presence is still known when you walk into a room and people want to be part of you. You need to learn to embrace it, accept it and just know that this will always happen to you. † She went on to explain to me that people love to be around me because they always feel that I am the smartest person in the room, even if I am not, my complete confidence in myself commands that.She explained to me that when I speak to people, I am always speaking with complete confidence and believe what I am saying and I never doubt myself or give the appearance of it. So I think back at my life and wonder to myself; where did I learn this? I have come to the conclusion that I never learned this, I was born with this and over time I have polished it and refined it. So for me personally, I have to believe great leaders are born, not made. References Bock, Wally. Three Star leadership, 2006. http://www. threestarleadership. com/articles/bornormade. htm Conger, J. A. , and R. N. Kanungo (Eds), Charismatic Leadership in Organizations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1998 Pace, Joe DR. The professional development series: Book Two: The Workplace; Interpersonal Strengths and Leadership. Published by McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY.

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Analyze the implications of globalization and technology on negotiation Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Furthermore, we cannot neglect the importance of rapid technological change as it will increase the international competition between the largest and most developed economies. This will enhance the need for more knowledge-based but skilled workforce to compete at international level for the survival of such economies in years to come. Some people see globalization and technological advancement as a threat for developing and under-developing countries due to their lack of resources and shattered economies. IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION AND TECHNOLOGY ON NEGOTIATIONS: Now the question that rises over here is; how globalization and technology have their impact on negotiations and what changes are brought about by both of them? It is worth mentioning that globalization has given rise to tough international competition and in today’s world of advancement it has become a game of the survival for many growing economies and more specifically economies of the third-world countries are alrea dy considered as under-threat by such tough competition with technology as a second most important element collaborating directly in this game of survival (Stroper, 1992). The implication of globalization and technology on negotiations can be explained by a very simple example that due to globalization and advancement in technology majority of the well-known companies have shifted their manufacturing plants to China due to cheap labor and security. We will write a custom essay sample on Analyze the implications of globalization and technology on negotiation or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now This major shift will effect greatly on the negotiations if any company wants to merge or acquire another one who already has its plants functioning in China. It is important to have a basic understanding of the term â€Å"negotiation† with context to international business. Business negotiations are the roots of developing a strong but successful international business relations with other entities through mutual dialogue and framing a set of policies to be followed mutually by both the parties agreeing on the terms and conditions defined. The nature of such business negotiations can be between the companies, between a company and a government, it could be only be some interpersonal interactions regarding any business affair such as mergers, joint-ventures, acquisitions or licensing (Weiss, 1993). Globalization and technology have grown rapidly due to these mergers, acquisitions and rise of multi-national corporations which have added not on ly a definite meaning to economical growth, created employment opportunities, enhanced competition and increased knowledge-based skill workers but they have also given a new direction for unlimited business opportunities particularly in third world countries where labor is cheap but resources are limited and economic growth is at zero.